Contact and company/account management

Contact and company/account management

Store all your contacts and accounts in one place.

Available to everyone in your team, for increased productivity

Keep track of your communication, notes, emails, files and build a business intelligence database

Use the info to build your brand, discover new opportunities, retain your customers and keep them happy.

Sales opportunity management

Keep all your sales opportunities in one place, available to your entire team.

Add tasks & follow up reminders for each sales opportunity to help you nurture the opportunity towards closure.
Never lose business again for not following up!

Sales opportunity management
Case management

Case management

Cases are virtual folders to allow you to store related information in one place.

Cases can be used to track inquiries, problems, complaints, requests, questions from customers and leads.

Cases can be used for internal mini-projects: hiring for a position, organizing an event, etc.

Cases allow everyone in your team to collaborate on a common topic.


Tasks, meetings, reminders/follow-ups

Tasks help you organize what needs to be done for each contact, company, case and opportunity.

Assign them to yourself or other users and ensure they get done.

Tasks give you visibility of what’s done and what’s still outstanding.

Online file storage and organizer

Store all your necessary files online.

Attach them to the relevant contact, company, case or opportunity.

Organize your files via a windows explorer-like interface

Email integration: forward, CC, BCC emails to your Clevertim dropbox

Conveniently forward, CC, BCC emails to your Clevertim dropbox email account.

Notes will be automatically created for the relevant contact.

No need to copy & paste notes from emails into Clevertim anymore.

Flexible and powerful custom fields

Need to store more information for your contacts, companies, cases and opportunities? No problem.

You can extend Clevertim with powerful typed custom fields.

Define them as you want to be: free text, dropdown/select from a list of values, list of your users, countries, etc.

Integrates easily with hundreds of apps via Zapier

Use Zapier to integrate Clevertim with hundreds of apps including:

Mailchimp, AWeber, Active Campaign, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, Mailgun, Desk, GetResponse, Freshbooks, FreeAgent, Formstack, Eventbrite Google Calendar, Google Contacts, Google Docs, Google Tasks, Gmail, Hubspot, Magento, Salesforce, SugarCRM, Shopify, Chargify, Twitter, Trello, Yammer, Wufoo, YouTube, WordPress, Zendesk, and many more…

Integrate it, extend it, customize it via our API

Integrate Clevertim with other systems, internal or publicly available.

REST-ful APIs that are easily callable from any language.

Read more about the Clevertim CRM API on github.

A desktop application on the web

No slow server refreshes for every click.

Everything is editable, in place.
See instantly the changes other members of your team make.