Clevertim Blog Announcing a new powerful reporting feature

Announcing a new powerful reporting feature

A lot of our customers and a few potential customers have been asking for a more powerful reporting feature to supplement the filtering of contacts, companies, opportunities and cases. We have listen to them and we started working on a feature that should give more control and more flexibility to the users building and running the reports.

Our new reporting feature allows users to build the report as a set of rules that have to be satisfied, and allows them to combine various rules, selecting whether to show records that satisfy all the rules or any rules.
Further more, the rules can contain sub-rules which can, in turn, contains sub-rules of their own, allowing users to build really complex reports for all business needs.

We’ve introduced a new tab called Reports where you can build these complex reports. Currently this reporting feature is in “beta”.

Going forward, we’re going to enrich our reporting with additional features, including the ability to save reports for easy access, ability to query on more custom fields, ability to drill down more into the data and relationships between the data, ability to do some basic aggregations over the data and much more.

Give it a try today and tell us what you think! We usually shape the features in our CRM based on customer feedback, so please, get in touch!

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