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TOP best online Web Scraping tools

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Do you need a web crawling tool for analysis? The Web Scraping tools below will help you do that easily.

Web Scraping is extremely useful for various analytical purposes, especially when you need to conduct online surveys for your business to monitor market trends.

However, Web Scraping requires a bit of technical knowledge, so some people try to avoid using it.

However, there are Web Scraping tools that help you get the data you want without having to write code or go through a highly technical process.



Scrapingbot is one of the most user-friendly Web Scraping today. It also has an easy-to-understand user manual.

Scrapingbot provides an Application Programming Interface (API) and tools available for scraping any website. It is flexible and perfectly handles business data sources such as retail websites, real estate, etc.

This data extraction tool requires no code, it helps you get a lot of work done and returns the JSON format of any desired web page as raw HTML. The price of Scraping bot also varies. You can start with a free plan before upgrading to a paid subscription.



Unlike Scrapingbot, Parsehub is a desktop app but it helps you connect to any website you want to extract data.

On the slick interface, you can connect to the Parsehub REST API or export data as JSON, CSV, Excel or Google Sheets files. You can also schedule data exports if you want.

Getting started using Parsehub is quite easy, no specialized skills are required. This tool also has detailed documentation so it is not difficult for you to get used to. If you ever want to use REST API, Parsehub also has detailed API documentation.

If you don’t want to save output data directly to your PC, Parsehub’s flexible cloud-based feature allows you to save output data on its server and retrieve it at any time. This tool also extracts data from the web that loads asynchronously with AJAX and JavaScript.

In addition, Parsehub also provides powerful scrape with login capabilities so you can completely automate it without having to spend any effort to log in to the website before scraping.

Dexi includes a simple interface that allows you to extract real-time data from any website using built-in machine learning technology, called digital imaging robots.

With Dexi, you can extract both text and image data. Its cloud-based solutions allow you to export data collected from platforms like Google Sheets, Amazon S3…

In addition to data extraction, Dexi also provides real-time monitoring tools, helping you continuously update changes from your competitors’ activities.

Unlike other online data extraction tools, all you need to do is provide Dexi with the target path, while creating what it calls an extraction robot.



Scrapers is an online web content extraction tool. Using Scrapers is easy and requires no code. The instruction manual is also concise and easy to understand.

Furthermore, the tool provides a free API that allows programmers to create a reusable source code web data extractor. This option requires you to fill in some fields or use the editor. Edit its existing text to complete the pre-created code block. It’s easy and simple, right?



If you want to get data from social networking platforms and online retailers, ScrapeHero can be a great choice.

It has a dedicated data extraction tool for social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, along with retail stores and business agencies like Amazon, Google…

This tool has its own market. Here, you can choose a desired platform to extract data without having to know code.

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