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How To Automate Task Email In 2024

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Hi guys, I’m back! In this article, I will share general knowledge about Automate Task Email. Let’s explore with me!

How much time do you spend every week on emails? Reading them, sorting them, sending them? There are so many things you need to accomplish. We use email every day to exchange information and work, especially many businesses that use email platforms to advertise products and reach customers.

It’s not surprising that each person has two or more email accounts and every day we have to spend two to three hours checking and organizing emails. Is that why you look for tools to help you automate these boring tasks instead of having to sit for many hours to complete them?

Automate Tasks Email is helpful in many ways. It saves you a huge amount of time every day. At the same time, it keeps your inbox neat and organized, so you can easily find emails quickly or promptly respond to important emails. In some email automation tools, it can also help you automatically download attachments, add tasks to your to-do list, or save important conversations.

Automate Task Email Overview

Automate Task Email Overview

Automate Task Email saves time and helps you tidy up your inbox. Even if you only have a personal email, there are lots of ways you can benefit.

For example, you can make newsletters and marketing emails go straight to a separate folder so you can check them later. This helps you clear your inbox and makes it easier to read a bunch of similar emails at once.
If you use one email for different things, you can also have emails from certain people automatically go into specific folders. If you’re a freelancer or use email for work, you can even make it so that emails from certain people create tasks for you to do. This saves you lots of time looking through messages and makes sure you don’t forget anything.

You can also use automation to completely delete unwanted emails from your inbox. This is great if you get a lot of spam or marketing emails you don’t want to read.

How to Automate Task Email?

Now that you know why automating email is helpful, let’s see how to do it. There are a few different ways to automate task email depending on what you want to do and which email service you use.

Automate Task Email: Use Filters to Move Emails

First, many email providers have filter settings. It allows you to automate task email based on the sender’s address or other factors.


If you use Gmail and want to automatically send emails to a folder, it’s easy. Just click on the arrow on the right side of the search bar and make a filter using the words you searched for. You can make new labels or use old ones, and you can even use the new filter on older emails in your inbox with a few clicks.


If you’re using Outlook for your email, you can also automatically organize your incoming Outlook emails into specific folders using the Outlook Rules feature. Like Gmail’s filtering system, the Outlook Rules feature makes it easy to automate email tasks directly from messages in your inbox with just a few clicks.

In particular, it is a free feature available in both Outlook web and desktop versions, you can use it without worrying about money.


If you use Yahoo for your personal email, you can set up your inbox to automatically move emails to folders. You can find over 500 options for filtering your inbox under the Settings icon. Just name the filter, set the rules for how you want to sort your emails, and save it. It’s really easy!

Automate Delete Old & Spam Emails

Often, you can set up automatic features to remove old or spam emails that you don’t want.


For Google inboxes, you can set up Gmail’s auto-delete filter to easily and quickly automatically delete old or unwanted emails from your inbox.

Similar to other Gmail filter options, you can simply select the “delete it” option instead of organizing it into a designated folder. With just a few simple steps, you can automatically delete spam in Gmail.


Your Outlook inbox also gives you the option to automatically delete emails if you want. Similar to other filters, you can use Outlook Rules to help you get rid of unwanted emails completely.


Yahoo has a pretty good system to stop spam emails, but you can still set up filters to automatically delete emails in Yahoo Mail. It works the same way as other filters.

Sometimes, deleting emails can help clean up your inbox, but it’s not always the best idea. Sometimes, you might want to stop getting marketing emails or other stuff instead of just deleting them.

Use Labels to Sort Incoming Emails

If you want to organize emails before they even reach your inbox, you can use labels to automatically sort them as soon as they arrive. This Automate Task Email saves you time and keeps your inbox clean by letting the system do the work. Just like how the post office sorts your physical mail, email filters sort messages and put them into the right folders. Then you can deal with each folder when you have time, making your work easier and you more productive.

In Gmail, you can make new labels by clicking the dropdown menu near the search bar in your inbox. You can create rules based on the subject line, sender’s email, or words in the email itself. You can even use more than one rule to make sure you’re filtering the right messages.

Then, choose what you want to do with emails that match these rules. You can put them in a specific folder, start them, archive them, or even delete them. You can also add category labels or mark them as read.
After you enter the rules, click “apply the label” and choose “new label.” Then, name the filter and click “create filter” to save it.

If you use Outlook, you can use categories to sort emails and label them in your inbox. From the Home tab, find the Tags section and click “Categorize”. Then, click “All Categories” and “new” to make a new category. Give the category a name and a color, then save it.

Once you’ve made your own categories, you can use Outlook Rules to automatically add them to emails. To do this, find an email that matches your category, then click “Create Rule.” Follow the steps to set up the rule and choose the category you want to apply. Then name the rule, click “apply”, and you’re done.

Yahoo doesn’t have the same labels as Gmail or Outlook. Instead, Yahoo users can only use filters to sort emails into folders, not add labels or categories.

To filter emails in Yahoo Mail, go to the settings menu on the right side, click “more settings,” and scroll down to “filters.” In the filter settings, you can set the rules for the filter and choose which folder you want to put the emails in. You can have as many folders as you want, so this is a good way to label emails even though it’s different from Gmail and Outlook.

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Use the Third-Party Providers to Automate Task Email

While big email services have some tools to help you automate tasks from email, they don’t always do everything you want. That’s why there are other apps and services, like CleverTim, that help you be more efficient and organized.

If you use email for work, these apps can help you sort emails and assign them to other team members. You can even set up automatic forwarding, so certain emails are sent to another address without you having to do anything. This is great for bills, meetings, and similar things.

Some automation apps can also connect to other tools you use, like Trello, Asana, or Wrike, to turn emails into tasks on your to-do list. They can also help you download attachments automatically and store them in Dropbox or Google Drive, so you have the files you need without opening every email.

Even for personal email, you can use these apps to sort emails by labeling them, putting them in folders, marking them as read, or archiving them. This helps keep your inbox clean and organized.

Automation apps can also add events to calendars, send automatic replies, or even help you write outgoing emails. There are so many things these Automate Task Email services can help you do.

Use CleverTim to Automate Task Email

CleverTim is a versatile software designed for automating email tasks with a myriad of features. Whether it’s scheduling emails, organizing your inbox, or setting up automatic responses, CleverTim has you covered. Want to see if CleverTim meets your needs? Experience it today to streamline your email management effortlessly!

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