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What is BPA?

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Business process automation focuses on automating all business activities on an online system to standardize business processes, improve performance, and optimize costs to ensure growth sustainable growth of the business.

What is business process automation (BPA)? Specific examples?

What is business process automation (BPA)? Specific examples?

Business Process Automation (BPA), also known as business process automation, is understood as the application of technology to digitize fixed tasks and processes in a business to replace traditional manual tasks. . To standardize business processes, improve performance, and optimize costs to ensure sustainable growth of the business.

Business process automation (BPA) is different from business process management (BPM). If BPA only focuses on the automation aspect, BPM takes a broader and more general approach towards the purpose of optimizing business activities within the enterprise.

Below are some specific use cases for you to better understand business process automation in your enterprise.

Onboarding – Receiving and training new employees

Although onboarding new employees may seem like a simple process, it involves a lot of tasks which include filling out employee information forms, arranging inductions, training, setting up bank account, collect relevant documents and appoint a guide, etc.

Without automation, the whole process can become quite chaotic and lead to:

  • It takes too much time to draft, process and store documents, documents and personnel records
  • Some tasks may be missed
  • New employees are not enthusiastically supported, do not know what to do and who is managing them, leading to dissatisfaction, easy to leave or continue, low productivity.

Applying automation of the onboarding process will shorten the time for manual paperwork tasks, providing a convenient exchange environment, making it easy to adapt to new jobs. The instructor also has the basis to accurately evaluate work conditions and performance to decide whether the employee really fits the needs and culture of the business or not?

Business Process Automation: Orders

Requisitioning a purchase order (PO) is a repeatable process in most organizations, especially those that provide products and services. This process requires the cooperation of many individuals in different departments from Marketing, Customer Care to sales staff and shipping units.

Without automation, the following problems can occur:

  • Order approval is delayed
  • Productivity and quality of work are affected
  • Lack of customer information
  • Order error
  • Error during delivery

Automating the order processing process helps make individual responsibilities transparent, avoiding cases of blaming each other that cause internal disagreements that affect overall performance. All work in the public update process on the software helps managers easily track and grasp exactly where and by whom the bottlenecks are so that they can have timely solutions. It also retains all exchanges, communications, documents, and attached images during the work process, making deployment faster and easier.

BPA and the journey of “putting on new clothes” business management activities in enterprises

Business process automation accurately points out the biggest problems businesses are facing, thoroughly solving inefficiencies in traditional management and operations.

BPA and the journey of "putting on new clothes" business management activities in enterprises

Business process automation lays the first foundations in the digital transformation journey: from digitizing invoices, records, and applications in real time to caring for and nurturing potential customers through each stage. specifically.

Prerequisite for enterprise digital transformation activities

Technology is changing the market every day, which is why digital transformation has become an inevitable trend that requires businesses to seriously implement it if they want to maintain a competitive advantage and ensure sustainable growth. . Business automation can be considered a perfect stepping stone to help businesses access the digital model and reap outstanding results in the digitalization journey.

Business Process Automation: Make Workflow Transparent

Automation requires certain clarity about the process right from the system initialization stage. It helps you clearly define each individual’s responsibilities in each stage associated with each work deadline. Thoroughly resolve the situation of mutual blaming that causes internal disagreements and affects overall performance. Transparency of work flow on software provides a comprehensive picture of the progress and quality of each task; any bottlenecks can be controlled and handled promptly.

Standardize processes

Instead of implementing processes haphazardly and arbitrarily at the request of the person in charge, all processes in the enterprise from marketing processes, business processes, customer care processes, and support processes are technical assistance, etc. are all standardized by establishing fixed standard fields. Automation builds a professional, fair and cohesive corporate culture, promoting maximum efficiency and work quality.

Streamline tasks

One of the great benefits of a process automation system is that tasks are properly allocated in terms of both time and people. Avoid the situation where some people are busy with deadlines, while others are free and have no work, which both causes frustration due to unfairness and reduces the quality of work. Automation is also the basis for eliminating time-consuming, inefficient manual tasks to focus on enhancing value-adding tasks.

Store unlimited data on the system

All detailed information about the process from documents, images, attached reports, discussions, and exchanges are saved on the software, making the implementation process quick, easy, and convenient. for retrieval when needed.

All exchanges are easy to make and unlimitedly stored on the software

Increase customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal that any service business strives for. Automating business processes helps businesses operate in a seamless flow, service quality is also improved, bringing customers the best products with the best care.

Business automation provides back-end functions such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) that go beyond keeping customers happy and saving costs. costs, optimize human resource productivity and grow potential customers for businesses.

Specific business processes need automation

When one of your operations encounters the following problems, it’s time to automate your business’s processes.

  • Large workload
  • Needs coordination from many individuals and departments
  • It is necessary to monitor progress and control the quality of each task in the process
  • Limited in time
  • There are certain impacts on the implementation of other jobs and processes

To get a clearer view of the business process automation picture, you can refer to some automated processes commonly found in organizations including:

  • Process for monitoring, controlling, and synthesizing employee working time
  • Salary calculation process
  • New product launch process
  • Sales process
  • Order processing process
  • Customer care process
  • Lead nurturing process….

A business operates with many processes, each process has different quality assessment standards and different time and resource requirements. Full software automation instead of ineffective manual management tasks helps businesses reduce time and pressure on redundant tasks to focus on valuable work that brings benefits. clear for businesses.

Benefits of business process automation software tools

The application of business process automation software brings businesses clear changes not only in management and operations but also has the effect of optimizing business revenue.

#1. Optimize time and costs: Automating repetitive manual tasks saves 90% of time on document processing and administrative procedures, minimizing hidden costs in businesses for printing operations. press, store. Human resources have more time for valuable tasks, jobs that directly bring revenue to the business.

#2. Increased personnel productivity: All work flows are updated publicly and transparently on the software, helping relevant departments proactively deploy individual work, optimize productivity, ensure completion on time, avoid affects the progress of the following stage.

#3. Easily detect hot spots: Controlling the process on a single interface helps leaders quickly detect bottlenecks to have timely solutions, avoiding repeat errors in the future.

#4. Improve interaction, increase personnel connection: All work-related exchanges and discussions between each individual and specialized department can be easily done right under each task to improve two-way connection, increase engagement. Building a quality, professional and friendly corporate culture.

Process automation software is the basis for leaders to know where their business is good and where it is bad to make appropriate improvements, ensuring sustainable growth for the business in the long term.

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Automate business processes on Clevertim Workflow: Optimize business management and operation time

Clevẻ is proud to bring business process automation solutions to more than 1500+ businesses to optimize operating processes and build a more professional, cohesive and effective working process.

  • Standardize and set up unlimited workflows
  • Automate work assignments, reminders, step changes, and process changes
  • Timely detect hot spots that need attention in the work flow
  • Closely monitor the work progress of each individual participating in the process
  • Improve parts performance

Combined with a suite of more than 20 other applications on the Clevertim platform to help SMEs digitalize their businesses comprehensively from workflow to human resource management, internal & customer activities, the first step in digital transformation is simple & effective

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