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How To Autofill Google Forms In 2024

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Filling out forms over and over again every day is tedious and takes up a lot of our precious time. However, if you are doing this form filling in the browser then I have a few ways to solve this problem for you quickly and effectively. You can use the browser extensions or other software. In this blog, I will introduce you how to autofill Google Forms with:

  • Google Forms Prefill Feature
  • Google Forms Auto Filler
  • Google Apps Script
  • Magical

Let’s follow these steps!

How to Autofill Google Forms with Google Forms Prefill Feature

How to Autofill Google Forms

Google Forms lets you set up forms with some answers already filled in. This saves time for people filling out the form, and you get the information you need faster. Here’s how to autofill Google Forms with Google Forms Prefill feature:

1. Find More Choices for Your Form: Look for three dots in the top right corner of the form editing screen and click on them.

2. Get a Special Link: From the menu that pops up, choose “Get pre-filled link”.

3. Fill in Answers in Advance: Enter the answers you want to be filled in automatically for people using the form.

4. Create the Special Link: Click the button that says “Get Link” at the bottom of the form.

5. Grab the Link: A new box should appear with a special link in the bottom left corner. Copy this link.

6. Share the Special Link: Send this link to the people who need to fill out your form. The answers you picked will already be filled in for them!

Each special link only has the info you entered when you made it. If you want different answers filled in for different people, you’ll need to create a new special link for each set of answers.

How to Autofill Google Forms with Google Forms Auto Filler

In this section, I will show you how to autofill Google Forms with the Google Forms Auto Filler, making form-filling easier.

Step 1: Open Google Forms

Head to your web browser and open Google Forms. If you don’t have a Google account yet, sign up for free to create forms.

Step 2: Get the Autofill Helper (Chrome only)

Visit the Chrome Web Store and install the “Google Forms Auto Filler” extension. This makes filling out forms faster.

Step 3: Build Your Form and Use the Autofill Helper

Open the Autofill Helper and start it running.

Create your form in Google Forms as usual. Then, activate the Autofill Helper. This lets the helper work with your form.

In the Autofill Helper app, give labels to the questions in your form and tell it what answers to fill in automatically.

Step 4: Use the Autofill Helper with Any Form

Once your forms are ready, open any Google Form and run the Autofill Helper again.

Watch as the helper fills in the answers you labeled automatically, saving you time and avoiding typos!

Note: This Autofill Helper currently only works with the Chrome web browser.

Find out more Plugin Form Fillter For Chrome at this article:

How to Autofill Google Forms with Google Apps Script

For example, I held a Tech Fest with lots of cool tech events. After the event, I wanted to get feedback from attendees about their experience.

I already had information about the students, events, and speakers stored in a Google Sheet from when people registered for the events. To save time and avoid asking the same questions twice, I built a feedback form using Google Apps Script. This script lets the form automatically fill in some of the answer choices from the Google Sheet with the student data. Here shows how to autofill Google Forms with Google Apps Script

Step 1: Create a Sample Form in Google Forms

Let’s make a practice form in Google Forms. Here are the questions we’ll include:

  • Student Name
  • Student ID
  • Event Attended
  • Event Feedback

Step 2: Copy the Questions to a Google Sheet

Once you have the questions in your form, it’s time to copy them to a Google Sheet. This is important because we’ll use the sheet to automatically fill out the form later.

Tip: Make sure the questions you copy into the sheet exactly match the wording in your form.

If you prefer working in Google Sheets first, you can click here [link omitted] to get started.

After copying the questions, add the answer choices for each question below them in the sheet, like this:

  • Student Name (no answer choices)
  • Student ID (no answer choices)
  • Event Attended (list your event options here)
  • Event Feedback (no answer choices)

This part explains how to write a script to automatically fill out answer choices in your Google Form. It involves using a tool called Apps Script Editor.

Step 3: Write the Automation Script

  • IDs: The script first identifies your specific Google Sheet and Google Form by their IDs (like unique codes).
  • Get Information: It then retrieves information from your Google Sheet, including the question titles and answer choices.
  • Match Questions: The script finds the matching questions in your Google Form by comparing titles.
  • Fill in Choices: Finally, for each question, the script sets the answer choices based on what’s listed in your Google Sheet.
  • This script basically reads the questions and answer choices from your sheet and puts them into the matching questions in your form.

Step 4: Test your script and see if it works.

  • Choose the function called “main” (it should be highlighted).
  • Click “Run” (it might look like a play button).

If everything works correctly, the script will grab the answer choices from your Google Sheet and automatically fill them into your Google Form.

How to Autofill Google Forms with Magical

How to Autofill Google Forms with Magical

Filling out forms can be a pain, but Magical is here to help! It has two cool features that make filling out forms faster and easier:

Move Stuff in a Flash: No more copying and pasting! Magical can instantly move information from websites you have open to forms in other tabs or programs.

Shortcut Savvy: Tired of typing the same things over and over? Magical lets you create shortcuts for commonly used phrases or text blocks. Then, you can just type a short code and Magical fills in the rest!
With Magical, forget the boring parts of filling out forms. Here shows how to autofill Google Forms with Magical in different situations:

Adding Your Information

Your name, address, email, credit card details… it gets old fast! Especially if you have different emails or addresses for different things. Magical is an app that lets you create shortcuts for all that repetitive typing.
With Magical, you could set up a shortcut using a spider emoji (️) for your full name. Then, anytime you need to fill out a form, you just type “//name” and Magical fills in the rest.

The same goes for email addresses. You can create a shortcut for each email you use (like “//work” for your work email). Then, when you need to enter an email on a form, Magical shows you a list of all your shortcuts to choose from.

Adding Other People’s Information

People in sales, recruiting, and customer service deal with a ton of information every day. They fill out forms with customer details, update applicant tracking systems, and respond to questions. You need to spend a lot of time completing them.

With Magical “Transfers” feature, you don’t need to set up shortcuts or save data beforehand. You just need to have the information open on one website and the form you want to fill out open on another. Magical will then move the information for you automatically without copying and pasting.

For example, you have a list of new customers in a Google Sheet. You can keep that sheet open and then use Magical to “transfer” that information into your customer relationship management system (CRM).


Google Forms Prefill Feature, Google Forms Auto Filler, Google Apps Script, and Magical are super tools that can save you time and effort. It lets you automatically fill out answer choices in your Google Forms. This means you can create forms faster and with fewer mistakes. Just follow the easy steps that can do exactly how to autofill Google Forms. Good luck to you!

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