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Instructions for managing work with Google effectively and economically

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Work management is one of the important problems that every individual or business needs to pay attention to. If you do this activity well, work efficiency will increase, thereby bringing high value to the organization.

Currently, with the advent of 4.0 technology, work management using Google is highly appreciated by many people for its convenience and efficiency. Join CleverTim to learn about this content here.

Some ways to manage work using Google tools

How to manage work using Google Calendar

Some ways to manage work using Google tools

Among the most used tools today, Google Calendar is one of the software with a cross-platform operating mechanism that helps users plan, manage and create reminders extremely accurately on the Internet. computer screen, phone.

Unlike managing work with Excel, the outstanding advantage of the Google Calendar tool is its friendly, simple and convenient interface for new users. Google Calendar can sync within Gmail so anyone with a Gmail account can use this tool to manage tasks.

The only minus point of this tool is the lack of flexibility in converting the operating status of each job. According to expert assessments, Google Calendar will be suitable for people with personal work activities.

How to manage work using Google Sheet

Google Sheet is a work management tool using Google that is very familiar to most people today, especially office workers. This application helps users manage daily work activities, customer management or project data easily with an intuitive chart system.

How to manage work using Google Sheet

In addition, this tool also allows users to share information or access rights to a specific person or group of people and easily change privacy and sheet editing permissions. In particular, Google sheets is completely free and is an extremely effective online workplace.

Sync files with Google Drive

Managing work with Google Drive allows users to store and share files with others in a very simple way. Synchronously connect with Google Docs, Google Sheets or Google Slides and store documents and images from your computer with 15Gb for free on one account. If you want to upgrade your data storage, you can purchase a monthly capacity package.

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Collect job information using Google Form

With Google Form, users can create tables and online survey forms to collect information and opinions from customers, employees or consumers… Results will be automatically connected and updated. Go to Google Sheet to conveniently track and control collected information.

Share work data quickly with Google Doc, Google Slides

When it comes to tools that help share work data quickly and effectively, we cannot help but mention the Google Doc and Google Slides toolkits. These are two great tools for creating documents and presentations.

With Google Doc, users create and edit text and content directly. Google Slides helps users deploy diverse content with vivid visual topics, images, and videos.

What stands out about these tools is the automatic saving system and offline operation. This helps users to use it with peace of mind and not lose data when having problems with the internet system.

How to manage work with Google Sheet?

In addition to optimal work management software on Android and iOS operating systems, Google Sheet is one of the tools in the Google ecosystem that helps users create and set up spreadsheets. The goal is to track and plan work management easily and effectively

The functionality of Google Sheet is identical to Microsoft Excel software with hundreds of functions to arrange tasks and calculations at each level from low to high. In particular, this tool allows users to share documents and information with others easily thanks to the online working system.

Outstanding features in Google Sheet’s work management

The following are outstanding features in task management activities using Google Sheet:

  • Create online spreadsheets: With just an internet connection, users can create and edit spreadsheets easily anywhere. This tool is also integrated on many platforms and devices to make it more convenient to use.
  • Automatic document storage: All data information from Google sheets will be automatically stored on the Google Drive cloud computing platform. Users don’t have to worry about losing information when something goes wrong.
  • Perform complex tasks: With Google Sheet, users can perform many complex calculation functions, macros, and scripts. In particular, data are displayed in many different ways from tables to diagrams to help evaluate work in the most intuitive way.
  • Ability to work effectively in groups: Instead of having to send Excel files via Mail like before, users can share document files with others or a group of people with just an invitation link to collaborate online. Everyone can work directly on the same spreadsheet and data is automatically stored in real time.

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How Google Sheet tool manages work

To manage work using Google sheets, first create a spreadsheet for the project and divide the work specifically. Next, the user will create information fields such as job description, person doing it, completion deadline, job status and comments. Users can completely mark important tasks or information that needs attention using a diverse color palette system or visual symbols.

Next, share the spreadsheet with others in the project so they can edit and add necessary information or content. If you don’t want members to edit an important piece of content, use the content lock feature on the toolbar.

In addition, to simplify sharing and editing information in the group, users can create an email list of participating members and set content access rights for each person. If you want to remove someone from the group, they will no longer be able to access or edit content on the spreadsheet.

With a multi-platform ecosystem, Google tools provide users with an extremely effective and convenient way to manage their work. Especially with the Google sheet tool, tracking and evaluating business project progress becomes simpler than ever.

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